A better way to invest

We are an investment advisory firm with $2.3 billion in assets under advisement, wholly owned by its principals and originating from an in-depth partnership between experienced industry practitioners and world renowned academics with a shared vision of a better way to invest. 


An intelligent investment approach

Our combined skills and pioneering insights on financial markets have resulted in an investment approach based on forecasting the movement of security prices by modelling the correlation of macro-economic variables to important risk factors. Our methodology incorporates these forecasts into portfolios that are optimal for each point in the business cycle and meet specific client requirements.  The approach is distinguished by its ability to learn and adapt across time and quickly respond to fast-changing market conditions.


Parala aims to help clients generate consistent returns across market cycles with expectations for higher overall returns and lower risk.  Our scalable investment technology enables us to deliver customised solutions to meet a broad array of client needs efficiently.  Solutions range from smart beta and absolute return portfolios to multi-asset class investments. 

Solutions built to meet your needs


Partnership between practitioners and academics

Our people, approach and technology represent the best combination of practitioner experience, academic expertise and pioneering research, united to deliver superior outcomes. Visit other pages on our site to learn how we do this and find out more about who we are.  Contact us if you’d like to meet and find out how we can deliver on your unique solution and our promise.