Our Solutions

Parala, we believe, represents a strong and balanced combination of practitioner experience, academic expertise, pioneering research and technology, united in our aim to deliver superior outcomes for investors.  Our state of the art investment approach and risk management capabilities are distinguished by their ability to determine the optimal portfolios, within and across asset classes, at any point in the business cycle and to dynamically adapt to to fast-changing market conditions.  We deliver customised solutions to meet our clients’ needs including multi-asset class, absolute return and smart beta portfolios.


Multi-Asset Strategies

  • Customised to meet clients’ risk profiles, return objectives and risk preferences

  • Employs a dynamic asset allocation process to navigate changing economic and market conditions

  • Utilises advanced portfolio construction techniques to create outcome-oriented solutions that can target levels of income, sensitivity to inflation and risk profile

Parala Multi-Asset Strategy versus 60/40 Balanced Index - Cumulative Performance: Jan 2007 - July 2019



Absolute Return Strategies

  • Seeks to generate positive investment returns across all market environments while controlling for downside risk.

  • Utilises the full spectrum of liquid cross-asset investments and risk premiums

  • Targets superior outcomes to bond portfolios with a similar level of risk

Parala Absolute Return Strategy versus LIBOR plus 5% and 50/50 Balanced Index - Cumulative Performance: Jan 2007 - Feb 2019


Factor Strategies

  • Represents the next generation of smart beta strategies

  • Identifies, combine and dynamically weight risk factor exposures to meet clients’ specific requirements

  • Predictive approach to factor allocation results in more consistent performance across market cycles

Parala US Large Cap Smart Alpha versus Russell 1000 Index - Cumulative Performance: Jan 2007 - July 2019