The Parala Advantage


The investment management industry is in the midst of rapid structural change.  The flight from active management, fee pressures, and a low expected return environment have converged to challenge existing investment approaches.  It is precisely these challenges and our belief that we can respond to them with effective investment solutions that brought us together to create Parala in 2008.  

After almost a decade of R&D we have built a methodology that bridges the gap between academic insights and practical implementation to deliver better returns across a range of strategies.  


At the Forefront of Quantitative Investing

Our team includes renowned academics and industry practitioners who bring decades of expertise to Parala’s quantitative investing approach.  Our founding partners have leveraged insights from the field of finance and financial econometrics to create an intelligent investment approach that systematically profits from market inefficiencies and delivers better investment outcomes.

Built for Better Returns

Our approach is rooted in academic insights at the frontier of quantitative investment management. We don’t analyze vast data sets in search of predictive signals, rather we leverage the right data to forecast the movement of security prices, markets and asset classes. Our cutting-edge investment technology, AlphaPredictor®, makes this possible by modelling complex interactions between macro variables, risk factors and security prices, learning and adapting, quickly responding to fast-changing conditions and translating forecasts into portfolios designed to outperform. Our integrated risk management and attribution systems ensure ongoing alignment of portfolios with investors’ desired outcomes.  


Key Differentiators

  • Identifies suitable combination of assets to hold across the economic cycle

  • Learns and adapts across time to quickly respond to fast-changing investment conditions

  • Delivers a range of investment outcomes, all based on same fundamental insights, across and within assets

  • On the cutting edge of developments in quantitative investment management due to our academic bona fides


Customized Solutions

Our flexible and dynamic investment approach enables us to deliver a range of investment solutions based on your specific requirements. Solutions, all of which are based on the same core methodology, include absolute return, multi-asset and smart beta strategies, among others.